WOWtv offers a variety of programs that cater for the entire family. We are a family orientated television broadcaster, an entertainment platform that instils Godliness to our viewers. 

Our program offering consists of multiple channels of Family Programs which include Movies, Documentaries, Drama Series, Sitcoms, Music, Kids Programs, Teen’s Programs, Lifestyle, Fashion, Adventure, Current Affairs, News, Educational Programs, Sermons, Bible Teachings, Business News, Sports and many more.

Our channels and program offerings are designed to revolutionize the face of television as we know it today. From the Creator of all things, we seek to understand the original form of the television broadcasting industry so that we can show the world how television should be done to benefit the nation and its people and to glorify The LORD. Our offering is absolutely entertaining whilst reconstructing the soul, the value system and behaviour of each and every viewer.


The family unit is the foundation of every nation. Dysfunctional families produce dysfunctional communities and dysfunctional nations, which in turn produce the kind of world we live in today. 

The Family unit is the most important entity and foundation of all structures, it is central to every community, every society and every nation. Without a solid and strong Family structure, the original Family structure that God created, all other structures and systems eventually collapse. The Family is the heart of every nation.

WOWtv offers various types of programs that present God’s original template for families, these programs present solutions to confront the current challenges facing families today.


Over the past decades, there has been a systemic change in the principles upon which children are raised, societal pressures, government laws, decrease of Godliness and the general deterioration of morals and values has subjected children to unnecessary woes. Children are a heritage and a gift from God.

Without children there is no future for families and nations. God instructs every parent to direct and train up a child in the way he or she should go, a way that no peer pressure, no perversion propagated through media will be able to steer the child off course. Many children are raised in broken, fatherless and child headed homes, where they are not exposed to pure Godly teachings.  Many are left to discover life’s journey through friends, media, and other unsound sources.

WOWtv offers children Godly programs that entertain, educate and lay a good solid foundation for them to be the next generation of productive citizens. Our programs assist parents in directing and training their children up in the way they should go.


The youth of today faces many challenges, from drug and alcohol abuse, to pre-marital sex, poverty, watered down education, materialism, perverted media platforms and ruthless social media. Many young people simply cannot answer the question, “who are you”, they have a serious identity crisis, they have no sense of purpose, no cause to pursue and live for. Hopelessness engulfs the youth of today.  Today’s world is designed to negatively influence the will of the youth byextinguishing the hope within, to rise above any circumstance.

WOWtv entertains, educates, ignites, inspires and transforms the youth through a wide variety of programs. WOWtv instils a sense of purpose to the young viewer, revives the hopeless heart and clearly displays to the youth that, there is a greater cause for each life that God brings on earth.






Current Affairs 

WOWtv current affairs and news reporting brings enlightenment and is poised to be the voice of reason in the news reporting and current affairs field, where the views of God have been deliberately shut out. WOWtv is a powerful Godly influence that presents and represents uncompromising truths, we impart the truth and knowledge from all angles and ensure that the viewer has the true understanding of the state of affairs in the nation and abroad.


Music is one of the fastest and most effective tools used to communicate any message. The kingdom of darkness knows this and has specifically been using music for its destructive purposes.  The world today is using music like never before to diminish the spirit man and destroy the body and the soul, without the knowledge and permission of the listener. Music affects behaviour, it affects the thought processes and it affects the mood. Music can calm and sooth, it can provoke and arouse, music can basically achieve anything that its’creator intends for it to achieve.

Gospel music has not done enough to present a positive alternative to music lovers, it has mainly limited gospel music to traditional sounds and genres, hence music lovers are not consuming the positive message that gospel music presents, simply because of its limited sound in presenting the Good News.

WOWtv presents gospel music redefined, we introduce eccentric sounds and revitalise the presentation of gospel music, without doing away with the traditional sounds. We present a positive alternative to all music lovers, whatever their background.

Biblical Teachings

The word of God is food for the soul, it penetrates and divides the soul from the spirit. It is Life and the Light of man, all things are held together by the power of God’s word. It builds, it admonishes, it encourages and it directs, it is the law that governs all creation, the universe summits to every word that God commands, all shall pass away but The Word of God is eternal.

WOWtv Biblical Teaching programs presents the Gospel of The Kingdom of God, it takes its viewers back to the manual and original constitution that governs life and all creation. WOWtv takes the viewer to the foundations of all things and unpacks the fundamental reason why God created the earth, all that is in it and all who dwell in it. Through The word of God, WOWtv brings practical and attainable solution to challenges faced by families, communities, nations, economies, businesses, etc. WOWtv gives step by step guide on how each viewer can fulfill their dominion mandate and the prophetic call of God over their life, family, nation and generation.


Very few people know about the true value of pursuing history.  We have become a generation of people who care less about the origin of things and instead we focus more on being what we perceive as desirable today based, most times, on very cheap reasoning.

History details our heritage as it tells about the foundations that brought us where we are today.  If we are unable to establish where we come from and how we got here as a people, it is virtually impossible to determine and fulfill our purpose of being created.

WOWtv goes deep into history with the view of establishing true purpose and meaning to life.  There is no purpose of anything that can be found further from God.  Therefore, our history channel and programs bring you closer to the original plans of the Creator about all aspects of life.  Our history takes you to the beginning to meet the One who created the beginning, God Our Father, YHWH.  Through our history channel, you will discover your true purpose as we together journey on gathering the original thoughts of God as we understand them today.



WOWtv presents in-depth analysis of the business and economic world.

We offer programming that educates the viewer on God’s policies and principles for business and running a thriving economy. We ignite the entrepreneurial zeal, provide business support and coaching through various programs because we believe that economic development is key to generational wealth creation.

Travel & Lifestyle

WOWtv travel and lifestyle programs show case the exquisite beauty of God’s creation, His glory displayed in the heavens, His wondrous works on the land and His majestic voice upon the waters. It is the hand of God that created the heavens and stretched them forth, it is He Who spread abroad the earth and that which comes out of it, His works are varied, His wisdom made them all, the earth is full of His riches and His creatures. He brought forth humanity into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, flowing forth in valleys and hills; A land of wheat and barley, and vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey; A land in which humanity eats fine food and indulges in mouth watering delicacies, a land where gold, iron and copper are hidden beneath the surface of the earth. WOWtv takes you on a journey of rediscovering the handiwork of God and manifold wisdom displayed on the mountains and hills of the earth.


God has given food and provision to those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him, every moving thing that lives He has given to for food. He has given us every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the land and every tree with seed in its fruit and He has given the green vegetables and plant. To all the animals on the earth and to every bird of the air and to everything that creeps on the ground, to everything in which there is the breath of life, God has given every green plant for good food for mankind’.

WOWtv takes its viewers on a journey of discovering the goodness of The Lord and His immeasurable gift of good food to mankind. On WOWtv, cuisine is explored and the Creator discovered.


According to the book of the beginnings, Genesis, wildlife was created before humans were created.  Wildlife is part of our ecosystem and as humans sit on top of the food chain, wildlife had to come first.

Most importantly, wildlife exhibits a dimension which is pure about creation.  The animals of the wild have remained obedient to the instructions of God and therefore, as we observe their lives, we are bound to see the goodness of God.

The beauty of the wildlife, silent in its talk, says much for humans to begin searching deep within, where God will be ready to reason with each of us.  Wildlife is the witness of the goodness of God and the power of His magnificent creation beyond any human imagination.

WOWtv brings wildlife into focus to challenge the viewers to assume their leading role over wildlife whilst taking the responsibility of creating a desirable living environment where wildlife can thrive and live in harmony side by side humans.


God is the Master of all creativity, He is the Source of all creative ability. His workmanship is marvellous, His creation is wonderfully complex, and it is arrayed with beauty beyond human imagination. God created humanity in His likeness and image, the human body is the temple of The Holy Spirit that must be treated with honour and fear of the LORD. .

After the fall of man, God designed and made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife and during the exodus of Israel from the land of Egypt, God poured the spirit of wisdom, design and fashion skill over some, this gave them the ability to produce glorious, beautiful garments that distinguished Aaron and his sons

WOWtv presents fashion from the mind of The Creator, from runway to street fashion, the viewer will get to experience fashion and beauty from the One who dresses the skies and clothes the lilies and roses.