Walking On Water Television (WOWtv) is a multichannel, subscription television broadcast station, poised to be the voice that declares The Good News of The Kingdom of God in South Africa and the rest of the continent whilst personifying Jesus Christ and all that He brought on earth.  This is executed through divinely inspired television programs and genres that are designed to be relevant in today’s world of entertainment.

For many years, we have seen a number of single television channels that broadcast Godly content but this time around, WOWtv is a fully fledged television broadcaster that is dedicated to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ become flesh and real in this generation.  WOWtv is committed to driving God’s agenda over nations by operating in the main line television broadcasting industry. 

WOWtv reveres JEHOVAH, YHWH, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and we are convinced that the prophetic destiny of our nation and its people can only be fully realized when we become a nation whose God is JEHOVAH, and we, as a nation, live to seek and establish His Ways. As WOWtv, it is our duty and responsibility to offer Africa, starting in South Africa, the opportunity to once again become a nation and a people that fear God and enthrone Him over all things.

We are a media platform that packages and broadcasts only 100% Godly television content and entertainment in order to disciple the nation to fulfil its God given mandate and execute the good works of the LORD.

We are 100% PRO-FAMILY and are dedicated to upholding Godly morals and values for our viewers, all the time, whilst providing a complete home entertainment viewing experience.  This is possible through using the Word of God, the Scriptures as the standard for all our content and programming.


To be the ultimate leading pay television broadcaster of programming that represents and personifies Jesus Christ.


  • Establishing the Kingdom of God in the homes of our viewers
  • Providing for the needs of the entire family
  • Broadcasting programming that is uncompromisingly true to the Word of God
  • Living the life of Jesus Christ
  • Being the condult of the voice of God over nations


Our television content and programming embraces all the qualities of God and advocates for life lived in accordance with the principles and prescripts of the Creator of humanity and all things, YHWH.

As WOWtv, we believe in:

  • God, The Father, God The Son (Jesus Christ) and God The Holy Spirit;
  • Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died and rose up for all, to reconcile all things back to The Father, and is soon to come back again;
  • Jesus Christ as the only Way to God, Our Father, He is The Truth and He is Life;
  • The Word of God, the Scriptures to be God breathed and inspired by God.
  • Being employed by Our Father in heaven, YHWH, to fulfil the prayer that Jesus Christ made, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.










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